Feature 1: All the branded items are authentic

When it comes to second-hand or cheap branded items, we always worry about the quality. We don't want tp buy imitate goods after travelling all the way to Japan for shopping. All the branded items sold at BOOKOFF are authentic as our experienced staff carefully examine these items when they are brought in to the store. BOOKOFF trades only authentic items that have been used within Japan, so it is very safe.

Feature 2: Reasonable prices yet high quality

BOOKOFF carefully checks brought-in items when purchasing them from customers to make sure its quality. After the purchase, the items are cleaned thoroughly to remove even small dirt. The items are put on a store shelf in a sparkly-clean condition.

Feature 3: Great range of items! It's an One-stop store

You only have a limited time while in Japan. Many of you want to buy various items but don't have enough time. It is difficult to visit many shops within a limited time. At BOOKOFF, you can find a great range of items including branded items, watches, fashion goods, golf items, CDs, games, etc. within one store. Everything is so cheap! You don't have to travel around shops to find cheap items.

To all of you staying in Japan

We are willing to buy your secondhand goods from a single item at the counter in Bookoff.
Please bring it to your nearest Bookoff store.
You can check below for how to sell your item.

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BOOKOFF has a great range of items including popular games, anime figures, iPhones, smartphones, tablets, etc. It is exciting just to walk around inside the store.

The store has various branded goods such as Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, COACH, Prada, Hermes, etc.

You can find an amazing range of popular G-SHOCK including those of Japan-limited models, old popular models, etc. Other branded watches are also popular like ROLEX, OMEGA, TISSO, FOSSIL, SEIKO, TAG Heuer, etc.

The store has many different popular brand-clothes such as some sport brands like NIKE and ADIDAS, as well as LOWRYS FARM, NICO, CECIL McBEE, earth music&ecology, LIZ LISA, SNIDEL, etc.

*Sometimes, we may be out of stock. Please be understanding of the situation.