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Top Management Message

President Yasutaka Horiuchi


Yasutaka Horiuchi

A Message to Our Shareholders and Investors
From Yasutaka Horiuchi
President and CEO

In 1990, BOOKOFF started from humble beginnings―a 1,200 square foot store in a residential section of Sagamihara City, Japan. Since then, together with our 90 franchisees, we have grown into a chain of stores with 977 locations throughout Japan and 12 overseas.

Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to society through our business activities and to pursue the material and spiritual wellbeing of our employees. More specifically, we want our customers and the local community to be happy that they have a BOOKOFF nearby. We also want to be a place where our employees and part-time workers can be proud to work. Our corporate mission to accomplish our philosophy is to provide an infrastructure for a waste-free lifestyle for people who don’t want to toss things away.

Accordingly, we are working to create more opportunities for customers to visit our stores by offering a greater range of products and services, more private brand products, and more BOOKOFF SUPER BAZAAR and BOOKOFF PLUS locations.

On April 24, 2014, BOOKOFF announced a capital and business alliance agreement with Yahoo Japan Corporation. We believe we can leverage this new partnership to maximize the BOOKOFF brand appeal, increase BOOKOFF Group recognition, and grow our share of the market. Our goal is to spread the message of Love Used, sharing the idea of reuse with as many people as possible. At the same time, we intend to become a corporate group essential to the existence of a reuse-based society through even higher standards of service and more locations.

I wish to thank our customers and shareholders for their enthusiastic support, and I ask for your continued well wishes.