Business Information

The BOOKOFF Group consists of two main business segments: The Reuse Shop Business,and the BOOKOFF Online Business.

Reuse Shop Business

Including franchised locations, BOOKOFF operates more than 800 locations throughout Japan. Chain-wide, we process more than 100 million transactions annually, offering a very competitive customer attraction model.

Presently, we are expanding our product offerings beyond used books, CDs, DVDs, and games. More recently, BOOKOFF began dealing in trading cards, used mobile phones, and even private-brand BOOKOFF products.
We operate 11 stores (including two franchised locations) in two countries overseas: United States and France.

BOOKOFF has moved into the purchasing and sales of an expanded array of gently used goods, leveraging the experience and expertise developed through our BOOKOFF business. Where BOOKOFF deals in books, CDs, DVDs, and games, our Reuse Business deals in gently used apparel, sporting goods, baby goods, and everyday household items.

We continue to roll out new BOOKOFF PLUS* and BOOKOFF SUPER BAZAAR** locations across Japan. We believe these new store formats will be the core drivers of our business growth in the future.
*BOOKOFF PLUS: Comprehensive Medium-format stores handling traditional BOOKOFF items plus apparel.
**BOOKOFF SUPER BAZAAR: Comprehensive Large-format stores handling traditional BOOKOFF items plus apparel,sporting goods, infant goods, gold, household items and more.

As a business, we see a large, untapped demand in the reuse market. Leveraging the customer attraction power of the BOOKOFF brand, we plan to increase awareness and use of our apparel offerings, while at the same time launching new stores to tap into this demand and grow our share of the reuse market.

BOOKOFF Online Business

Online, BOOKOFF conducts business through the BOOKOFF Online e-commerce website. This website, launched in 2007, has grown every year. As of March 31, 2018, we surpassed more than 3.5 million members, and the site now accounts for over 10% of total BOOKOFF directly managed store sales.